Ban since almost a year. Because anti-fairplay and missbehaving

SS14 account: Fudgeano.

Character name: I don’t remember.

Type of Ban: Pretty all Wizard server.

Date of Ban and Duration: Still permanent.

Here my story: Sadly, I don’t remember the time I got ban or what time I should still wait. But I know I miss the server so much, I recommend de game to a friend and wanted to play on your server, but I realized I’m still ban. I’m pretty sure it was a long time ago when I disserved that punishment and I believe man can have second chance to show how they changed. I’m a new man, a lot changed in my life such of respect, maturity and more civilized.

This special ban appeal is surely poorly made, but I really don’t know the whole story except what I did and it’s permanent. Not sure how it goes, but I’ll be glad to cooperate with someone of the team.

Thank you.


Hey there, since you attempted to ban evade you were given an appeal ban that requires a voucher. Do you have a voucher from another SS13 or SS14 server?

didn’t remember the voucher thing, but how does it work ? Cuz i don’t feel right to use other server only to be vouche and leave them forever

Different servers may have different ways of getting a voucher. I don’t know the exact methods per server, you’d have to check with them. Essentially just be on good behavior with another server, and check in with them if they offer vouchers. You don’t have to abandon the server after getting a voucher, but that’d be up to you. Feel free to open a new appeal once you get a valid voucher. 

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