Bann appeal for ingame

Bann reason: Overescalation that lead of a detah of a crewmeber

Lenght :from 11January -14 january

Events that leads to this bann:

i was joining a round and my caracter was a demon that stalks people, but the the janitor beginns to almost crit me, so i took rerevneg and crit em and was kiled afterwards by a bystander and now im the one whos gettn banned? 

why should i be unbanned: because he was starting the situation and i didint kill em i just crit em like he almost did to me, i couldnt drag em afterwards to med because i was killed by this bystander


I’ve reviewed the logs and replay for the ban in question after observing the replay I would describe your appeal as disingenuous as best and a straight up lie at worst.

From the replay I can see there are two parts to this situation, the initial part where you NRP for a good portion of the start, just to fuck with the janitor, including not speaking at all, going in and out of combat mode, trying to throw them down disposals, and finally interfering with their cleaning bucket where they fairly escalated the situation to beating you with a mop for being a dick for several minutes straight.

You then mald at them in OOC after not saying a word and messing with them for so long.

You then construct a bat, go off an look for them, the instant you see them, you  start beating the shit out of them. They attempt to de-escalate via talking again but you say nothing and crit them.

This ban was well within limits for the over escalation and was probably light consider your extensive notes and previous bans.

Some advice for you moving forward if you want to remain playing on the Wizden servers I suggest you learn to chill as you next ban will get will be indefinite and in all likelihood not removed considering we have just seen you throw any credibility out the window by lying in the appeal.

Appeal denied.

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