Bann Appeal - Use of F Slur In OOC

SS14 account username: Kirkenburger
Ban reason: Use of Slur in OOC
Date of ban: 5/19/2023
Length of ban: Needs Appeal
Events leading to the ban: Was acting as doctor in medical role, player decided to poison me at random after helping a group of other players and felt it was annoying and rude and called him the F Slur in LOOC, I only said it the once and afterwards he got his ingame punishment right away so I didn’t do anything extra, just laughed it off.
Reason the ban should be removed: I didn’t remember the rules about OOC’s and am more of a casual player on this, I didn’t mean to break the rules, only vent my frustration of poisoning a doctor who decided to trust a drink from a fellow med. or sec, check the logs if it was sec thats probably why I raged faster.

The admin team has decided to reduce the ban duration to 2 weeks from now.

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