Banned by Moony. My userrname is Hintti69

SS14 account: Hintti69
Byond account: Pata123
Character name: i was not playing on the server on the ban  i got banned for another weird reason

When was the ban: Yesterday
Server you were playing on when banned: it was not the official server  i was on community server
Your side of the story: I said im admin on official server but there is server called Official server hosted by another guy and im admin there he host the server very randomly but sometimes there is players
Why you think you should be unbanned: because i feel like it was miss communication and i like playing ss14


I dont remember my log in on “hintti69” so i decided to join here with my other account i made the hintti69 account because i dont like this name.

Appeal filed under an alt account. File it under the correct account. to recover your account.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals