Banned by Sealth16 - Bingus#0020

SS14 account: TimeMonkey

Character name: Treligous Lataxation

When was the ban: around half an hour ago

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]

Your side of the story: I was playing around on a joke character that i was originally planning to play as a chaplin, (i always got staff assisstant) the joke in the name was that it included religous and taxation, i was planning to go around blessing people with the bible and screaming rather “RELIGION” or “TAXES” as a joke. I thought the joke wasn’t obvious so i changed the name to T religious La taxation for a single round and was messaged by Stealth16 after i had just attacked the clown (but that’s unrelated to the ban) asking what was happening, i told him what happened up to that point and he said my character’s name was in violation of rule 8 and to change it. I agreed to change it and to not murder any other players, Stealth16 changed my character’s name for the round to something random. 10 ~ 20 minutes after the name change during the round i get banned for violating rule 8.

Why you think you should be unbanned: i agreed to change it but wasn’t given any time to do so which makes this an unjustified ban, my previous actions didn’t break the rules and weren’t mentioned in the ban.

Anything else we should know: The reason i was banned was said to be violating rule 8 and only that, no previous actions were said to be the cause which leads me to believe this is an unjust ban, if any previous actions were the cause then it was not explicitly stated otherwise.

“General belligerence. Rule 8 and multiple rule 1 violations.”

Please address the rest of the reasons you were banned, including:

A. Stealing a taser

B. Attacking the clown

C. Harassing the chaplain

D. Harassing botany

E. Harassing the chefs

F. Using the taser to steal the entire kitchen’s supply of knives (this is when I decided to ban you).

Any of these individually are not enough to warrant a ban. But considering the fact that you were previously warned in the round for attacking people and then you proceeded to get into a fight with botany and the chefs, I felt this warranted a ban. Please explain why this is incorrect.

1, the taser was on a dead body and i wanted it for self defense

2, the clown consistently insulted me right before i attacked him, the message that made me want to attack him was “Churb has something for you, it’s between Churb’s legs”

3, yeah the chaplain thing was my fault, i didn’t intend to harass him, i grabbed the bible, got burned trying to use it, and made the chaplain wait until i got burn meds before returning it. if i hadn’t returned it i would’ve been arrested and it would’ve been taken anyway or i would’ve been killed.

4, the botanist had previously attacked me and attempted to kill me when i was attacking the clown, i was getting rid of the barricades they had inside the doors to botany because all doors are already locked by keycards and i think it’s unnecessary to block them any further unless someone breaks it

5, i was friends with the chef, when the botanist attacked me the chefs joined in 

6, i used the taser to take their knives because they were attacking me and i didn’t want to die

7, you put on my ban message that i was banned for violating rule 8 and “general belligerence,” although yeah i did start two of the many fights, generally it was in self defense. if i am to be banned for starting those 2 fights then i will accept a punishment but a 4 day ban for mostly self defense seems a bit much compared to the fact that bombing a public area gets you banned for the same amount of time. starting 2 fights should not grant the same punishment as self antagged terrorism

I may be in the wrong in some spots but there was never any harmful intent besides when the clown insulted me, i used non damaging stuns after you told me not to attack any more people and change my character’s name. I agreed to not be a dick and change the name, not being a dick doesn’t mean i have to let other people kill me.

You definitely started (or restarted) the conflict with the botanist and also restarted conflict with the clown. I’m not accepting that answer.

The 4 day ban was because I had already warned you that round and you had a ban already on record.

Barring judgement from a game admin I am denying this appeal.

the appeal may be denied but that won’t stop me from telling you that it’s not fully my fault yet i’m getting a full punishment for it. The botanist almost killed me when i was dealing with my own conflict with the clown, they started the conflict so i went to go remove the barricades out of spite. All i did to the clown was say he was a bitch, he followed me for a bit and we didn’t talk after that. Even if you are technically right, the reason feels as shallow as when parents say “because i said so”

The other players that needed to be warned or punished were also dealt with accordingly. You don’t see it but you were not the only person that I talked to that round. If that’s an issue you have here, consider it to be resolved.

If you feel another player is acting out of line, you can and should admin help it, even if it isn’t a “big deal”. I can’t resolve something if I don’t know that it happened.

You are responsible for your actions. I saw you tase multiple people and steal their stuff after antagonizing them and breaking into botany. You are responsible for doing that. I don’t care what the botanist did prior to that. That was a separate moment. You decided to continue the engagement of your own accord and you got punished for it.

This ban expired. Closing it.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals