Banned for "Being Rude"

Ban reason: “Banned for 12 hours after causing mass station sabotage in early round and then being rude towards me.”
Length of ban: TWELVE HOURS
Events leading to the ban: Spaceylady banned me because I set the singuloose out. I set it loose at 26 minutes, not knowing about the 30 minute rule. It was to cause a mass distraction and hopefully achieve my ANTAGONIST objectives. She then continued to harass me about it non-stop while I was trying to play. I apologized and siad I didn’t know. But she continued harassing me so I became annoyed and cursed. Then I was “being rude” so that apparently results in a fucking TWELVE HOUR ban. Absolutely ridiculous.
Reason the ban should be removed: 12 hours for a 4 minute difference in the 30 minute rule (Which I was unaware of) and then because I cursed. Im sorry, I thought we were all adults here. Read the admin chat log. Absolutely ridiculous.

And FYI I’ve only been traitor twice, and I obviously don’t know what I’m doing. Spaceylady is on a power trip.

Spacelady was in no way rude or hostile in the ahelp, they tried to explain the rules to you, when you drew all that out of perspective. You made something that would have been a warning into a ban by belittling our game administration.


Just for reference, here is the ahelp:

:outbox_tray: spaceylady: What did you just do?

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: Set the singu loose to achieve my objectives as T.

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: Thats the hope at least.

:outbox_tray: spaceylady: Rule 12.

:outbox_tray: spaceylady: It has not been half an hour into the game, you have just caused mass station sabotage.

:outbox_tray: spaceylady: Also please tell me which of your objectives you think this achieved?

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: “Antagonists may kill/sabotage as they see fit”

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: im also amazed youre going to pick on me when two rounds ago there were like 4 people randomly doing shit and not even antags

:outbox_tray: spaceylady: Antagonists are generally forbidden from causing massive station damage early into the round (less than 30 minutes)

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: its 29 minutes in dude

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: My bad? jesus

:outbox_tray: spaceylady: When you did it, it was 26 minutes and also generally singuloosing is not fun for anyone 

:outbox_tray: spaceylady: None of your objectives relate to that in any way

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: Its a big distraction. I can get CMO now maybe.

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: And I’ll be honest. I didnt read every rule. Cause there’s a ton.

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: My bad. 

:outbox_tray: spaceylady: You have enough hours on our servers to know mass station sabotage is not allowed before 30 minutes and even then singuloose is just not fun for anyone else on the server

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: Ive seen singuloose within 15 minutes before, so no, I didn’t.

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: I’ve also been game ruined multiple times by non-antags doing antag things.

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: Please let me play now.

:outbox_tray: spaceylady: I’m going to warn you this time but you need to re-read the rules and if we see this again we won’t be as lenient. Remember there are 79 other people playing this game and it isn’t fun for them when their round gets ended so quickly by something one person did.

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: Youre bitching about a 4 minute difference.

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: I didn’t know. 

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: And again, ive seen this server have very early mass disasters multiple times.

:outbox_tray: spaceylady: Okay well now you’ve started being rude I’m going to ban you for 12 hours. All staff are volunteers, we do this in our free time and we don’t need to be sworn at or accept rudeness. Anyone else who has singuloosed this early has also been talked to and consequently punished.

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: Oh im sorry I thought you were an adult

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: Now youre going to ban me cause I cursed?

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: Amazing admin. 10/10

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: Where’s that rule?

:inbox_tray: ClassyTurtle: Is it rule 59 sub section A?


Every single person who works on this project is an unpaid volunteer working out of their own volition, as a hobby. This also applies to admins. 

Seeing how disregarding to our admins you are, I will also up the ban to two more days.


Appeal denied.

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