Banned for being

SS14 account: Hmeister
Character name: Name of your character when you were banned, or other character names you may have used.
Type of Ban: Whether this is a game ban, job ban…
Date of Ban and Duration: You can estimate when you were banned if you are unsure.
Reason for Ban: Official reason for the ban, as stated on the ban screen.
Server you were playing on when banned: Server name. Either Miros, Spider, Lizard or Centipede. (We cannot do anything about bans on unofficial servers.)
Your side of the story: Explain what happened in your own words.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Why should you get this opportunity
to return, what value do you bring back to the community? Was your ban unfair? Justify it.
Anything else we should know: If you have anything else you feel is relevant to your
appeal, include it here.

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