Banned for braking out

The reasons: Self antaging.Provoking sec. Smashing up their front window with a bat, braking out of their cell, attacking officer in attempt to break out of perma.
Length of ban:Forever
Events leading to the ban:so me and the clown walked into sec (the door was open) i got insta arrested after standing  there so then got put into a cell for 4 mins (knowing that i manage to escape 50% of the time and a escape attempt only taking 2 mins i tried escaping)so i punched in the cell door stole oficers stun baton stunned the other 4  sadly i did not have enough  storage space due to sec taking away my backpack so i could  not suck up the  5 stun batons and walk out  and they stood up and managed to take me in custody, so the warden instantly put me into perma (something else to add here is that the warden hates me from the round before when i escaped because he left the cell door open and chased me for couple of minutes( my crime that round was that warden was having a nice chat , left the sec door open and was standing in the armoury door, this caused me to just walk in and take a nice breather in the armoury)then in the perma i was there with the warden i folowed warden steb by step and he wasnt leaving armoury so then he tried stunning me (i think my memory is bad) but the stun baton had no charge left, so i disarmed him thiniking it had still charge left i hit him because he was hurting me with that disabler (i was diona so it made me take more damage +50% burn), when he was out of perma i did my escape plan: i grew tower caps to make a bat( this is important i made the bat after i got in perma) so i removed the metal girder with a glass shard on the back window in perma, then i hit it with a bat a couple of times to get its HP low so that i could later more easily escape. Suddenly i got bewoinked with admin telling me that “escaping is only meant for antags” this is weird, due to me never heared that before so i changed my plan into now living in perma and turning it into a  castle out of the wood i got from the tower caps. 
Reason the ban should be removed: The ban reason seems weird it has multiple inconsistencies : first of all the front window of sec was never smashed with a bat i punched it couple of times to demonstrate, that with the new changes they can be punched though and actually take damage. Secondly the officer attacked me first after i tried following him out of perma so i disarmed and tried to defend myself. And i never knew braking out of Prison was a “only antag thing” because " you are being a bigger nousance to sec than you have to be" 

i am sorry for gramma i am not native speaker and have dyslexia(the bad spelling thingy or however you spell it) 

oops made a mistake i was in perma not armoury in line 13 this is my mistake sorry 


sorry forgot to write my username in the title but its nomSlime  kinda thought it was obvious because the post  always tells the name due to this forum being logged in though a SS14 account (that thing i want to get unbanned)



The admin team has decided to accept this appeal and reduce your ban.


The ban will expire in 3 days.

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