Banned for childish behavior,not taking game admin to be serious,Erp(walking naked in game e.c.t (didnt know at the time it was erp))

SS14 account username: [Dowafear]
Ban reason: [ i thoght she liked it (i will consider this ERP]
Date of ban: [21.3.2023]
Length of ban: [3month+]
Events leading to the ban: [I was playing on the server as an assistant, I decied to walk naked infront of people, (cause ı was bored and didnt know back then it was erp)and write and act like Peeing  on diona race to feed them(it was my inappropriate behavior didnt ment Erp there too)  .People asked me to stop,(didnt realize they were considering that erp and thats why they were trying to stop me) and i didnt stop, A game admin asked me to stop the smart guy me didnt realized i was considered for erp for real so i decided to gave  admin  with non serios and childish answers (dialogs can be seen in previos posts )   ]
Reason the ban should be removed: [(I was toxic and wrong at my previous ban appeals I am realy Sorry about my Posts) ,I didnt realize or understand that was my doings were wrong so i kept pushing on them Now I realize that they were wrong and inapproiate I am sorry that I ruined other players game intentionally or not that day I am regreting what have I done,and if we look at the Erp behavior: I didnt realize I were doing erp at that time (walking and geting naked infront of people)and my thic skull couldnt get the warnings,Now and i get them now .Once again I am asking for forgiveness of the developer team             ]

I WISH LUCK AND ENJOYMENT to team who  worked or working on Space station 14

Stay Safe out there


The following is an administration team consensus:

Your behavior was, for lack of any better descriptors, extremely creepy and uncomfortable for everyone involved. Your multiple appeals do not inspire confidence in us that your behavior is likely to change by a significant margin if you are allowed to play again. You say you “didn’t realize it was ERP” but we personally wonder why anyone would think the behavior you exhibited would be seen as OK by vast majority of online games. For a refresher, you:

  • Emoted that you were urinating on various other players
  • Walked around telling people they “need to find a mate” (assumedly in a sexual nature due to your other conduct)
  • Grabbed the attention of the (female) captain and undressed in front of them because you “thought she liked it”
  • Generally harassed other players, predominately those playing female characters

Administrator consensus is to upgrade this to a voucher ban. Do not appeal this ban without a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server. This voucher should be from the administrative team of a well-known or at least decently-active SS13/SS14 server and should be indicative that you have played there largely problem-free for at least a few months. Do not submit additional appeals until you are able to provide a voucher of good behavior.

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