Banned for dicking around and trying to start cargoia (death to sec long live cargoia) and trying to start a war with engin

SS14 account username: honkingoose
Ban reason: dicking around, trying to start cargoia and trying to start a war with engin 
Date of ban: one week ago i think
Length of ban: appeal only
Events leading to the ban:(sorry for bad spelling)  started as QM (was first time playing it i think?) and started sell stuff and yea and then a savl comes to me and says CE is being a dick and not giveing gloves so i stamp paper so he can get it and he comes back saying CE is being a dick again thorwed paper away and telled my savl to piss off so i come to engin and tell them to give the gloves and shout for CE and he says no and power gos off so i break in and tryed to get the glove (yes i was dumb as fuck) and looked for them and cant find them so i go out adn power gos on so i get stuck in engin i shout at ce and engin and sec comes in (with dev and warden i think lol) and i shout engin more and ce said he was going to cut power (lol) so i radio cargo to start ordering guns cuz we going to war and a nice engin try to cool down whats going on and ce tells sec to cuff us three (me, one savl and one tech)  and we just get out and tell engin to go fuck it self and we would be odering guns now so i go back to cargo and chill for a bit (think sec come up to see we ordered gun cant rember) and admin tell me stuff i cant rember but i ask can i start cargoia and he tell me no (good) and a bit later i get fozered and telled am banned and say good bye and leave. for being it,s the like 12 think notes i have.
Reason the ban should be removed: (sorry for spelling again) i readed the rules in all (on wiki) and i know not to be a dick no more and know not to start war on engin ( for shit reasons) or try to became cargoia ( death to sec and long live cargoia) and am new to the new abit (i joined like one mothe ago) and think no more to add ( tell me if you need more)

Ignoring all your other notes and times you’ve been ahelped for a moment, earlier this month I explicitly told you that you’d be game banned if you tried to start cargonia and made you read the rules for at least 5 minutes. Despite that, we’re in a situation where you’ve not only attempted to start cargonia and go to war with another department, but one where you seem to be claiming that you did not know any of this was against the rules.

If an ahelp explicitly telling you to not do something isn’t enough to prevent you from doing it less than a month later, how can we expect that you’ll follow any of the rules?

i forgot to put in the notes thing

i know the rules now and sometimes(or all the time idk) i do stuff without thinking is it good idea or not

idk for the last part

and for cargonai i think fun sometimes

tell me if i need to add more or not


12 minutes ago, honkingoose said:

i know the rules now

Why didn’t you know the rules after being forced to read them while joining or after being forced to read them after I ahelped you and told you to not start cargonia?

12 minutes ago, honkingoose said:

sometimes(or all the time idk) i do stuff without thinking is it good idea or not

13 minutes ago, honkingoose said:

for cargonai i think fun sometimes

If you sometimes do things without thinking if they’re a good idea, or break the rules because you think it’d be fun, how can we expect that you’ll follow any of the rules?

for the cargonai part i mean to say that i like the thought of it

when you forced me to read the rules i half ass readed them and now readed the ones on the wiki

and for the doing stuff bit sometime i do shit in the moment and later think to myself it was bad to do it

I’d also like to chip in your rather problematic behavior in the discord where you continue (even after warning) talking about coding in something to the effect of “putin c4 in peoples ass for fun and kill the cap” like “seths vid on ss13 lol”.

I would also like to chip in that I have heard several reports of you leaving your position as a security officer to become an ‘Ian bodyguard’ even after I explicitly told you in an AHELP relay to stop doing it. 

so am guessing new appeal in month

Admin consensus is to decline this appeal. You can appeal again in 2 weeks.

You are not required to present one, however if you’re able to provide a voucher of at least 1 month of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server, it would significantly improve your chances of a successful appeal.

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