Banned for ERP

SS14 account username: AbeenShabo
Ban reason: my messages in chat saying “I did a poopy”, and “Sec I need my bottom wiped.”
Date of ban: 02/08/2023
Length of ban: 10080 minutes
Events leading to the ban: I was arrested for breaking a fuel container with a crowbar and then was imprisoned. I then said “HEY SEC CAN YOU LET ME OUT I DID A POOPY.” and SEC i need my bottom wiped." As a way to get back at them I rollplayed shitting myself which to me isnt sexual just a bodily process. I apologise and would not use this language again if unbanned I just didnt know it was considered sexual rp. The admin also informed me that I was warned for erp which I remember but they also said I was warned for racism which I don’t at all recall I asked what I said that was racist and the admin ignored my relevant question.
Reason the ban should be removed: To be honest I believe I should have been warned against using number two as sexual roleplay as I truly didn’t know. 


Screenshot 2023-02-08 170900.png

  1. Your note was for racism against lizards.

  2. I never said your behaviour in this incident was sexual.

I thought when you said “you’ve already been warned for racism and for in-game sexual content” it meant I was repeating the offense I was warned for.

Im sorry but if it’s not sexual did I break any rules? I can promise I won’t repeat this dirty talk in the future I have learned my lesson.

It is a pretty blatant violation of the “Act like an actual human being on a space station.” rule.

Sorry I was just trying to do a funny roleplay as a prisoner of SEC. I admit I wasn’t aware of this rule and am sorry for breaking it. Please can I be appealed I won’t reoffend. 

Please can I be unbanned I will just play sec as it is my second favorite role. I will enforce all rules learned and will keep this station clean of enemies. Pretty please with cherry on top of it. 

You do not need to bump your posts with needless begging. We will handle your appeal when we handle it.

Overwhelming consensus of the administration team is your ban is only a week and you can wait it out. I think you need to turn around and re-think what is acceptable behavior and what is suggestive themes/content or content which may make other users uncomfortable.

This appeal is denied.

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