Banned for saying no no word

Ban reason:  i said fag
Length of ban: appeal ban so i assume permament unless i appeal?
Events leading to the ban: so i had a borg round and as med borg i said fag at the end of the round when my body was destroyed. reason i said this is that i tend to say fuck as fak time to time and wanted to change it a bit but it turns out fag is short for faggot and since i said it after my bod was destroyed it looked like i called the attacker faggot. atleast the moderator was nice and helped me understand what i did wrong. 
Reason the ban should be removed: i am not a national english speaker so i didnt realize (or memorize) that fag could had other meaning, this is also my first ban.


pointless extra: suggestion if possible, could the bans be loosened up a bit? im ok with bans but getting this form of ban feels bit extreme for first time accidental offence compared to something like month timed ban (atleast for me as a small introvert). none the less, i apologize wasting your and my own time. i also want to thank the moderator who handlet this case, even if you did end up banning me, you atleast had the dignity and patience to explain it to my dumbass. 

ok, this ban is far more overkill than i expected. getting banned from 1 server for saying just 3 letters is one thing but all official servers and the ban is permament? sorry if i sound more hostile but ban like this is just straight up cruel, i would understand it if i was big time offender and doing it fully intentionally to grief but i just said 1 word at the end of the round.

All of our server have the same rule, it wouldn’t make sense for us to restrict admin actions to only the specific server someone did something on. The fact that it was a 3 letter word isn’t relevant to your appeal unless you’re trying to make the argument that you unintentionally typed 3 random letters, nor is the fact that it was the end of the round. “No hate speech, slurs, bigotry, racism, specism, sexism, etc.” is one of our zero tolerance rules, I’d suggest you read the others if this appeal is accepted. I’m not sure what intention could be seen behind that rule that would make a violation less severe near the end of a round, it applies even after the round is over.

You’re free to disagree with our rules, or to feel that this should not be a zero tolerance rule, but it currently is. Arguing that it is unreasonable to indefinitely ban you on all of our servers with the same rule, clearly marked “zero tolerance”, is unlikely to be help the appeal. If you haven’t read our rules yet, I’d encourage you to do so. If you think that they’re too unreasonable, it would probably be best for you to just withdraw your appeal and never have to deal with them. We don’t have a well established system for non-admins to propose rule changes, but you’re free to discuss the state of current rules, or what you feel would be better rules, in #bugs-feedback in our discord server or in the general section of these forums.

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal, you should be able to connect and play on the servers again

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