Banned for self-antag

Ban reason: [RDM/self-antag. As the CMO, killed everyone else on the station]
Length of ban: [Appeal only]
Events leading to the ban: [I joined a skeleton crew round on Vulture consisting of 7 people as a member of med while banned from head (That part is important) We didn’t have any CMO and I was the only member of med eligible for the promotion, but I requested I was to not be promoted so that I would not be bypassing the head ban. The captain agreed but still let me have the CMO stuff. Later captain decided that we should start messing around since it was just a small group of people, the other heads agreed. Then captain decided to give me command and CMO access despite my concerns. The following tomfoolery consisted of, killing every animal on the station, looting the armory with the HoS’s perma SSD body and firing the weapons aimlessly, and ordering a shotgun crate and swat crate from cargo. The only member of cargo, a salvage tech decided to fire upon me and the captain when we were picking up the shotgun crates, so we shot back, captain was killed by the salv and the salv was killed by me. That was when I decided to kill everyone else on the station. I figured since it was skeleton crew, and no one was taking the shift seriously at that point that nobody would mind all too much. I will admit that I was not thinking very clearly as I was very tired at the time.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I think that my ban should be removed because, now that I am thinking clearly, Murder-Hoboing a whole station was kinda a dumbass move and I don’t think I will be doing it again any time ever.]

I think since you also admitted to evading a CMO role ban in order to go out of your way and kill everyone else just trying to play the game on a low-population server that you should appeal again in two weeks. Denied.

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