Banned For Speciesism

Ban reason: [speciesism Calling for death of all slimes]
Date of ban: [i forgot since i got banned few days after the event I’m pretty sure]
Length of ban: [appeal only]
Events leading to the ban: [the only thing i remember is being a pAI and talking with someone that obtained a water vapor canister and it lead to the moment where i said something bout “killing all slimes”]
Reason the ban should be removed: I haven’t really made a appeal in a while and I’m forgetting and somehow remembering what happened 1 thing i remembered was that i remember getting banned like a day or 2 after the incident i started getting into ss14 again and would like to play with the new things that got added

Just a refresher on why this ban was put in place:

This appeal and your prior appeals are virtually copies of one another which puts you up to about five denied appeals. I am going to ask that you obtain even a modest voucher of good behavior from any other SS13/SS14 server since you are up to five denied appeals. The Official servers are not the only servers to play on, so I would suggest trying out some of the other community servers and coming back when you have been issue-free at one of them for a bit.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals