Banned for teaching friends the game while on a discord call

SS14 account: Honest_Businessman
Character name: Grady (Forgot last name)
Type of Ban: Server Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Banned between the 10/06/2022 and 11/06/2022. Permeant Ban
Reason for Ban: Alt account abuse
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I was showing 2 of my friends the game, controls, mechanics, etc. We were in a discord voice call so I could easily teach them, I made sure to mention to them voice chats should not be used normally as its against the rules but believed it was fine for one round while I show them how to play as we were not going to abuse the communication in any way. We were passengers exploring the station together while they got used to everything when another player found us and thought the fact me and my 2 friends were passengers in a group was funny and wanted to join us as passengers. To make the situation of 3 passengers in a group more humorous I suggested to my friends to all send the message “Join Us”. Another passenger next to us found this crazy saying “wtf” so we did the same stunt another time all replying “Yes” to a question. Other than that funny interaction we continued to play out the game without the fact me and my friends were in the voice call making any more impact. Someone in the interaction or watching it must of reported me thinking I was using multiple of my own accounts to achieve three people sending two harmless messages at the same time.
Why you think you should be unbanned: While we were in fact breaching the rules by using outside communication in one round, the impact it had on other players or the station was minimal and was just there so I could teach my friends more effectively. I feel I shouldn’t be banned from the server just for trying to more efficiently bring more people into the game and make a silly non impactful interaction while doing it. This was also a first offense and I have followed all other rules in the 4.3 hours I have played this game
Anything else we should know: -

Why were you in a discord call when y’all were in the same household?

Because one had their computer temporarily set up in my lounge, another in a spare bedroom, and I have mine in the master bedroom. I didn’t feel like having to yell a tutorial on the game through 4 walls.

Aight fair enough. Lifted. That’s the only reason I got after you.

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