Banned from the discord for posting a gif in general

Discord account:  Xkallubar#1845
Commonly used names:  Gerald The Immortal
Ban reason: An admin told me there was no reason stated in the audit log.
When was the ban: About 5-6 ish hours ago.
Your side of the story: People were spamming gifs and memes in general and I decided to hop on the meme train.
Why you think you should be unbanned: The ban was a bit silly in my opinion, and it looks like everyone else who posted a meme or gif in that little meme train was also banned. I don’t think a permanent ban was necessary for 1 gif. But I’ll try not to contribute to mass meme dumping in general from now on.
Anything else we should know: This is the gif I posted:

The ban was in fact for contributing to spam that was happening in this channel, which was at a pretty unacceptable quantity. I trust that you’ll be fine with it in the future however so you have been unbanned.

For the record, you posted 4 gifs, not 1.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals

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