[Banning Admin moony] - ingame name crack head svoloch

SS14 account: crack head svoloch
Character name: crack head svoloch
When was the ban: around the 4th-5th of november  im not sure all i know it was in the late evening

i was on well im not sure which one i was on when i got banned its either 1 of the 5 Either Miros, Spider, Lizard or Centipede.
Your side of the story: so lets get into how i got banned i crack head svoloch was acting like a crack head pick pocketing an afk guards men in the evac area as i take all of his clothes and junk then i walk into into sec looking for a radio i find one and i say “anything new” on the radio tab i notice that theres 4 boxes of text saying the same thing  and i opened up the ejector and found 4 radios i fount it quite neet. so as any sane man in my situation would do is say penis and dumb things and there was like some other guards in there or something i fooled them into thinking i was a guard as they were pulling in the afk guard in the evac area as there doing that im having fun with the radio saying my wife left me (I THINK I SAID it IDK IT WAS A WHILE AGO) then i said sex then i made a string of sex words phallus annals oral and basically dumb sex stuff then i said loli sex at the time nobody batted an eye aside from the afk guard getting shoved into a room. i thought nothing of it as i assumed the rules were no  racial slurs no being racist transphobic dont be homophobic dont be anti lgbt or say it out right dont be an asshole dont target anyone dont  swear to much dont disrespect admins ( im oddly sure i cuffed moony before and ran away before) and dont tell bad jokes as a clown. i didnt read the rules and i assumed it would be fine as i read an entire dam conversation about people talking about  monkeys having balls or no balls for about 5 mins straight then turning bloody. So i assumed it would be fine if you can create context. . then after a while i get a personal message from moony he said you said some sussy words. so my ape mind kicks and tries to remember if i said anything wrong likes slurs bad no no words anything wrong he didnt say what was sussy so i assumed he was joking with me and then i went on my way after tazing the head of sec and a guard i ran out of sec into the outer layer of the station and saw an afk researcher then i thought hay why not pick pocket him i then blew up and left the server to go play tf2. i then came back well today on the 17th after finding out im banned when i tried joining a game.


Why you think you should be unbanned: i  understand i didnt read the rules i said a word which could get me hanged gutted and legs broken in real life i didnt follow them nor take the time to read them as i assumed and i understand were im at a fault and my friend got approved for the play test the other day and wanted to have some fun with him being crack heads who eat monkeys in the janitor closet come on i just wanana play again after waiting a year to get approved and doing a poor job at a ban speed run. look into your hearts and forgive a man who has wronged the rules of this humble game as i wish to play and have fun. if i mess up again in the future you can give me a warning a temp ban a perma ban ile be fine with it ( as long as the perma ban is reasonable say for ex extreme racism and the big no no as well as hacking) i just wish to play again please look into your hearts and give me with a second chance come on moony i promise i wont do any rule braking again.


and in return to what value i bring i bring spice as i attempt to make a bomb and give out free spears to everyone in the bar so no man nor women is protected as well as being a life saver who brings any and or all bodies to medical to be cloned ive also killed 49 monkeys before in one game with just a spear and i was promoted to head of sec for my good job. i also like to talk to people about why space carp are perfectly safe and heck i just wanana see pablo escobar and the usual players on there  i also shove clowns as i walk around in the halls doing my part in making a safe station.


Anything else we should know:  and one more thing is it safe to make a nuke in and then hit it  to blow up the station if everyone is hitting it
appeal, include it here.

also im oddly sure i broke the nsfw rule  and a bit of rule the common sense rule


| 1. Don’t be a dick. We’re all here to have fun. Antagonists have leeway here since ruining the round is kind of their job, but try to keep it interesting if you’re antag.
| 5. Erotic Roleplay (ERP) is not allowed under any circumstances. (Yes, this includes the shit you were saying IC) |   |

You broke both of these rules, and then turned around and ran them over again. I’m really not sure what to think, and this appeal seems very low effort at that (Zero punctuation, rambles on and on and on, in general hard to read)
I’m not really inclined to unban users who opted to disregard reading the game rules, and then admit “that was probably against the rules I didn’t read”.


From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals