Banning Admin MysticPhantasm2 - JackieC333 Banning Appeal (Again)

SS14 account: JackieC333

Character name: Dcotor Man -> Drone

When was the ban: 4/12/2022 About 8 AM

Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard.

Your side of the story: It was early in the morning and the admins are asleep. In the OOC chat before the match, we all agreed that we should have some fun before the admins awoke. Looking back at this, I realize this is extremely stupid since the admins can just read the logs. Anyway, my main character was killed five minutes into the game when me trying to kill the traitor after he raided the armory. Then, when I was in ghost role and I chose the drone. I admit I did destroy the substations because I wanted the round to restart, or at least not be that boring. I was then killed by the engineer hunting me while I was trying to figure out how to drag my lifeless body from the disposals to the morgue. 

Why you think you should be unbanned: I understand how teamwork is important in this game after playing other multiplayer games. After about a month away from ss14, I am both excited to see how this station has improved and how I matured as a person. I would be thankful if the admins give me another chance. Thank you.

Hi JackieC333,

We’ve reviewed your appeal and have come to a verdict, of which  we will not be lifting this ban.

Due to your history of griefing within our community servers and previous encounters with our administration team, it would be in negative interest to allow you to play on our community servers again due to your behavior, conduct, and interactions with other members of the community.

This appeal has been denied.

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