Banning Admin MysticPhantasm2 - JackieC333 Banning Appeal

SS14 account: JackieC333

Character name: Dcotor Man -> Drone

When was the ban: 4/12/2022 About 8 AM

Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard.

Your side of the story: It was early in the morning and the admins are asleep. In the OOC chat before the match, we all agreed that we should have some fun before the admins awoke. Looking back at this, I realize this is extremely stupid since the admins can just read the logs. Anyway, my main character was killed five minutes into the game when me trying to kill the traitor after he raied the armory. Then, when I was ghostroleing I chose the drone. I admit I did destroy the substrations because I wanted the round to restart, or at least not be that boring. I was then killed by the engineer hunting me while I was trying to figure out how to drag my lifeless body from the disposals to the morgue. 

Why you think you should be unbanned: Honestly, I don’t know. This is my fifth ban and I know the admins might not trust me anymore. Even though I think I’m a pretty good bartender and an okay doctor and scientist, I don’t really know what to expect when I picked the ghost roles. I was never good at engineering so I probably shouldn’t even pick the drone. I will try to learn engineering before playing the drone again, or I probably just pick a rat or a pai for my afterlife. I did understand the rules of the drone, but my actions are like what happened after a child pulling a toy apart and don’t know how to put it back together. I am thankful that the engineer helped the crew to fix the station after my damage. I understand the level of my sins and I understand that redemption has to be made in order to repent my sins. I have little hope of my ban being truely appealed, but I beg the admins to give me one year of time to reflect and come back to the station after I become more mature. If there is any other way I can achieve redemption, please let me know. 

Anything else we should know: I understand this may have nothing to do with the ban, but I would like to thank the creators of this game. I have never played the original SS13 and this is my first experience with it. I was amazed by the complexity of this game and the learning curve needed to be good at this game. I had some really good memories about this game. The people in this game are very friendly, even the admins. I remember dearly the one time the admin turned cargo into a bar, and made me the Booze-O-Mat in front of it. I love this community, this game, and I don’t want this game to just become a part of my memory. When I’m first banned, I can feel a part of my gaming life ripped out of me, that I don’t really know what else to play expect this game. I am only writing this because I may be banned permanently if this appeal ever get rejected. I thank the admins and the community for making this game awesome, and I hope to see you guys in the station again one day.

This is at least your third appeal only ban and your fifth total ban. For this reason until we have finalised our policy which in this case would be a perma ban, no appeal, I’ll defer this one to the badmins.

You’ve shown time and time again that you lack the ability to just turn the game off or observe silenty if the game doesn’t go your way and instead, chose to rejoin the round and disrupt it and the fun of others to try and get your own way.

Telling us after the fact that you don’t want to be perma banned from the community because you enjoy the game etc etc is poor form, if you really did value being a part of the community as much as you say then you would make an effort not to break the rules. (I mean really, it’s no effort to not break the rules, you have to go out of your way most of the time to do it).

I’d be recommending that your ban lasts at least the month as some form of punishment as all your previous bans have been a day / 2 days / around a week. And if this is the case and you are unbanned then do know you’ll be on thin ice.

Got it. I will appeal again after this month ends.

Considering you amassed that many bans in a 1 month period I think you need to sit out for a while and take a break.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals