Banning Admin unknown-RimReaper

SS14 account: RimReaper
Character name: Bob
When was the ban: About a week ago. Server was Wizard’s Den Lizard
Your side of the story: I believe I was banned because of my roommate using an inappropriate name
Why you think you should be unbanned: My roommate was the one who used a rude name. I am still trying to learn the game and I don’t cause any issues that I am aware of
Anything else we should know: I understand if nothing can happen because of my roommate but I would like a chance to partake in your server and learn the game with everyone there

I’m not certain I believe this. Your account and your “roommate”'s account were created at the exact same minute on the same day. Can you explain this?

We both decided to play on that day. We waited until we both had got into the pre test and waited for our friends to get on then got on and realized the game needed an account. 


I’m going to ask that you try and make sure your roommate does not violate their ban, as them doing so will get both of you banned again. I will modify the ban to not be a stickban.

Thank you I will let him know.


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