Bartender's Shotgun.

When a new round start and you play as the bartender occupation. You get a shotgun to defend the bar, the thing is with the shotgun it’s loaded with actual buckshot rounds instead of a beanbag or flash round for example. The bartender shouldn’t have access to that and it would be great to replace it or just make the shotgun start off empty.

In my opinion. A bartender has a certain set of responsibility. To tend and serve alcohol responsibly and to make sure that the patrons have a safe environment to wind down and relax in. 

To do so Centcomm has provided the bartender with a firearm. Just incase. For the same reason a pilot would hold a pistol. 


With that would come the responsibility of owning and maintaining a firearm. A responsible firearm owner would properly maintain and store their firearms safely and responsibly. Like a responsible person. 

A responsible firearm owner would make sure they know what their firearm is loaded with at all times

In short. It’s your responsibility to know what your shotgun is loaded with. Where it is. What it looks like. How it operates. What it’s pointing at. 


they not suppose to have real rounds bruh @Crytex9

So remove the real rounds “bruh” 


Check that your gun is loaded correctly, With what you want it loaded with.

@Crytex9im pretty sure they arent suppose to have real rounds

If the bartender wasn’t meant to have real rounds. I’m sure as hell he wouldn’t have real round.   In previous versions that you’ve played where they have removed real rounds from the bartender it is most likely due to people shooting clowns for doing clown things.  

Its your responsibility. “Bruh”


If only alcohol was implemented! Then the bartender would have TWO deadly weapons. :wink:

Imagine the chaos

1 hour ago, Thomasasia said:

If only alcohol was implemented! Then the bartender would have TWO deadly weapons. :wink:


Crytex9’s reasoning makes a lot of sense.

If you still think this is a bug, Alainikus, submitting it on GitHub is more likely to get the devs’ attention.

crytex9 i dont think you understand what hes talking about lol the bartender in ss13 has beanbags not real shotgun rounds

my point is he should be checking his guns and taking responsibility for his actions. It was more of a dig at his ban appeal.