Basic muta guide

Basic Muta
Mutagen, Phalaxamine

Place Mutagen 5u on plant
wait for 15 second for it to absorb it

If you don’t find the desired Mutation Place another 15 u until You get it
If plant is Unhealthy
Wait until all Muta is absorbed (15 seconds Per 5 u)
Then Place 4-5 u of phalaxamine
wait for 12 seconds if you are going to harvest
Then Heal with Potency 50 Cocoa

ta dah your plant is now Cancer Free

Now you now how to mutate without your plants dying have fun!


Oh, right This is a basic mutagen guide its only really effective if you are planning on Species mutations.

mutating will take too long if you are looking for some crazy mutations like rare Gas plants and or high stat mutations Like high potency, yield, Speed, lifespan, etc. Requires a super Muta Set up instead of the basic Phalaxamine Mutagen combo.

I will post the super Muta guide sometime in the future.