Batuh_n - Banned for chopping humans as a chef (last one wasn't SSD i think) force feeding and threatening as scientist

SS14 account username: Batuh_n
Ban reason: Meatspiking multiple people throughout the course of a round and lying about thinking they’re SSD
Date of ban: I forgot but it was like 6-7 months ago I think
Length of ban: Ban appeal only
Events leading to the ban: 1. Ban - I was a scientist and I forcefeeded some people a pill that would make them vomit which would cause a foam that would make them vomit again and make foam again, this foam maked the surrounding people that got in foam vomit too. I also threatened the medbay with bomb because they weren’t doing medicines instead they were making drugs. I got job and game ban from this.

  1. Ban - This was an only jobban. I was security and I mostly maked weeds with other security the whole game.

  2. Ban - I was a chef. My first human meatspike was a chef and he wanted to get himself meatspiked (he was going to leave the game). Then I meatspiked like 2 or 3 more dead soulles bodies. There was a guy that destroyed my whole kitchen and I was unable to cook again. Then police was getting him to medbay and he was going to arrest him, I checked him I think he was living but he was unconscious. Then I think he died and when I checked him, his soul was departed or something? So I wanted to take my revenge and I catched him from police, went to the meat spike and I meat spiked him and turned him into meat. I think it actually had soul as the admin says so he wrote I was lying about thinking it was SSD but that was what I thought.

Reason the ban should be removed: I understand my actions were bad for roleplaying and for other people and I wish to be unbanned. I will try to not do something that will disturb roleplay and other players.

As per your previous appeal, the ruling administrator said that you need a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server to appeal your next ban, as shown below:\_n-banned-for-forcefeeding-and-threatening-with-bomb/&do=embed&comment=4055&embedComment=4055&embedDo=findComment#comment-4055

May I know if you could you provide one? 

A voucher that shows I have a good behavior in a SS13/SS14 server from that server’s admin?

Well, I asked them in Colonial Marines’ discord server and they said they don’t provide vouchers. I’ve been playing there for last 3 months actively without issues but I guess I’ll have to start playing on a different server to get a voucher and come back 3 months later.

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