Ben Carlson's Reappeal

SS14 account:  Ben_Carlson

Character name: Ben Carlson
Type of Ban: ban from server
Date of Ban and Duration: June 15 perma
Reason for Ban: Specisism
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
I am reappealing Cause i feel like i am ready to return. At the time that i got the ban i did not know that Specisism was counted as racism or bigotry. At the time did not even know what bigotry meant. i know now of course. I have been banned for 3 months and 8 days. I feel like i am ready to return because i understand my mistake now and have learned from it.

Hey Ben_Carlson,

Staff consensus is to  deny  this appeal. To determine the scope of what actually transpired I had a look at your chat logs and general behavior in-game; it was not reassuring. Here are some examples of things that do not reassure me:

  • Screaming “KILL KILL KILL” over and over as a pAI, essentially spamming (probably trying to get your owner killed)
  • Generic troublemaker behaviors: offering people or solely making meth as Chemistry, screaming shitsec
  • A prior rule-0 appeal ban in April, citing you are probably underage and not a good fit for the community
  • While being detained by security, screaming “FUCK SLIMES FREE SPEECH” over and over, much to the annoyance of literally everyone (this is what resulted in this ban)

These factors taken as a whole, we do not believe your behavior will improve if we unban you. Appeal again in a week (10/08/2022).

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