Ben Carlson's reappeal

SS14 account: Ben_Carlson
Character name: Ben Carlson
Type of Ban: Game ban perm
Date of Ban and Duration: 15 June
Reason for Ban: Speciesism
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard


I am reappealing my game ban.
When I got banned I did not know that speciesism was bannable or that I was breaking a rule.
And while being banned I decided to read the rules many times.
And have read other people’s ban appeals so I don’t break the rules they have. And most of all I can say 100% that I’ve learned from my mistakes. I was later told that people had told me to stop but I could not see it in chat at the time. It was my fault and it was stupid that I even did that. That round was most likely pretty bad due to me. But I’m sure I will not do anything like that again. I want to play the game again and I’m confident that nothing like that ever happens again. I will also not be making the experience bad for others as I have come to learn. I hope I will be unbanned because I have changed the way I interact and play.

I would like to refer you back to (one) your prior appeal(s):\_carlsons-ban-appeal-stealth\_16/&do=embed&comment=2966&embedComment=2966&embedDo=findComment

You were instructed on this appeal that you require a voucher to have your ban lifted. You must obtain a voucher from the administrative staff of a well-known SS13/SS14 server of good behavior. This voucher should be a voucher of at least a few months of playtime, the more the better. We will not accept any appeals from you without a voucher of good behavior. This is denied. Do not make further appeals until you have evidence of a voucher.

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