BigWillyDilly / kanye_

Ban reason: Raider, involved in siguloose attempted to space the station
Length of ban: permanent
Events leading to the ban: with the singuloose a player told me it can be used for power and I was new and believed him and made one but forgot to turn the correct things on resulting in it flying out to space and spacing was just me being curious and messing with things I shouldn’t had. I tried opening an external door but it said the bolts stopped me or something so I deactivated the bolts then the door didn’t work so i removed the door, again I was new and still dont know how to fix this
Reason the ban should be removed: I do like this server even though I had limited play time and I understand I should have asked someone abt some things first but in all honestly I didn’t  mean to ruin others RP time and didn’t mean to cause harm and I am sorry. All I want is at least a reduction.

There were two observed back to back rounds where you were seen attempting to(and succeeding) singuloose, and overloading the AME. You were also seen walking through airlocks, opening and closing them, then dismantling them with no reguard of trying to fix the spacing you caused to the station. You were also seen welderbombing and other self-antagonistic behaviors. Based on these actions it was determined you were actively trying to grief. Can you explain these actions for us?

I explained welder bombing in rp to the chief engineer who taught me how to weld and was there when it happened as it was an accident and i only cause one of the singaloose which i still dont know what happened as i had the field generators on, the air lock thing was just stupidity i didn’t know how to open them and i only spaced out the one room i think which i would’ve fixed if given time to grab one of them inflatable doors i was looking for 

Admin consensus is to deny this appeal.

Based off of your prievious accounts and replays showing you and your friend sabotaging the station many times, we can not justifiy this as an accident. If you have more information or insight to your behaivor please let us know if and when you choose to appeal again.

You may appeal again in two weeks.

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