BillZenith - Command role ban

Role(s): [Captain, Head of Personnel, Research Director, Quartermaster, Head of Security, Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer]
Length of ban: [Until Removeds]
Events leading to the ban: [I was playing as a captain, and decided to play as a more deranged captain to encourage some fun shenanagins. The RD in particular seemed to enjoy the idea so we spent our freetime in friendly bouts of chase. This led to me neglecting certain duties as captain, and being quick as well as rude and rash in siding with the HoP over HoS resulting in their quitting. This resulted in a cascade of bad events which ended in my death and revival. However, there were several other compounding factors which led to the evacuation shuttle.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I’ve had a month to think is over, and I think that I have gained a new understanding of command roles and the seriousness as to which they should be approached from. I understand that my actions had unintended consequences. I realize that thoughtfulness and deliberation should be taken when acting as captain, and I truly did not mean to ruin anybody’s round.]

Heya! This has been put to a vote with the admin team and the consensus is to lift the ban. The reason why is as follows:

  • This ban was done out of normal banning guidelines. While admin policy does allow us to do this, the reasoning behind it was unreasonable, a warning or a temporary ban would’ve sufficed.

Appeal Accepted

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