BloodySkull54 - Banned for breaking comms as a zombie?



SS14 account username: BloodySkull54
Ban reason: Broke Comms as a zombie, couldn’t contact you for info
Date of ban: 2/6/2023
Length of ban: 720 Hours
Events leading to the ban: So I was CE at the time and a zombie outbreak occurred obvs. but when I was turned into a zombie I got baited into space and got unconned out there. And since I was a zombie I couldn’t wake back up or even die so I had no idea what was happening along with getting no prompt from admins if they did contact me, only to then be banned for somehow doing something I had no access too whilst unconscious.
Reason the ban should be removed: Well I have no idea how I managed to “break comms” and I believe the ban to be unjust, but I’d be more than happy to do a vc with one to hopefully resolve this soon, and yes I know I could wait but I’d rather continue to play on the sever you guys have made sooner than later as I’ve been thoroughly enjoying playing on there and with the others as well.

edit for this, Its supposed to be 720 minutes not hours lol my b.


Neither I nor the banning administrator were able to find logs indicating that you were responsible for this. Your ban appears to have been made in error and has been lifted. A note has been placed on your account shorty indicating that the ban was made in error.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals