BloodySkull54 - Banned for meta comms + sabotage power

Ban reason: Sabotaging power + meta comms with ANormalLoser
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: If i recall i was walking around as CE going to various power station spots to show my friend the ins and outs in the game at first, then he kept pestering me to just join vc through discord because I typed too slow in his words. Then I begrudgingly did and we carried on for the most part. though I recall him getting too bored since there wasn’t much going on so he asked what powered what, and where the main lines were and yeah, i got wrapped up with him disabling some sections of the station and was found with him doing it by an admin. 
Reason the ban should be removed: Too be honest I know its a long shot, but I’ve had a pretty clean record with you guys, my friend no longer has interest in this game and simply laughed when he heard I was perma banned with him. So to be frank he wont be playing this again and I thoroughly enjoyed your server and the rp environment that was maintained and I hope to rejoin that environment if you’ll allow me back in.

The way you write your appeal seems to obfuscate the fact that you were actively destroying station infrastructure with him as a “teaching” exercise at the expense of everyone else playing.

You also espouse having a “pretty clean record”, but you got banned in late June for this incident which was your only connection attempt since February where you were also noted to have problems. While it has been a bit since the original ban and I would believe the portion of your friend no longer having an interest, I am not sure you wouldn’t be a problem still. Anything on that front?

12 minutes ago, lonesoldier55 said:

The whole teaching thing was genuine though in hindsight around that time he had shared a space satiation 14 video a youtuber had posted where the individual sabotaged certain things, and looking back at it i messed up showing him that aspect instead of allowing him to learn it if he was interested in the game for real so ill take responsibility for that and i apologies. Though I’m not sure why id be listed to have problems? I usually play and enjoy CE when i got enough time for that role, idk i digress but as for my friend, yeah he all together deleted the game and questioned why i had 100 plus hours before Laughing that it went down the drain with that ban. I believe that’s all i can really say for my part, yes i messed up and I regret it sorely, your server is genuinely fun and i suppose it helps me with the keyboard, and to explain that i recently upgraded to pc from console.


Alright, fair enough, accepted.

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