Bobthesleder - connecting

SS14 account username: bobthesleder
Ban reason: “Stop spam connecting, you’ve tried to connect over 100 times in the less than 24 hrs that you’ve been been banned. It will not speed up time. All it does is make it a pain to go through our connection logs.”
Date of ban: 6/2/2023
Length of ban: 240 minutes
Events leading to the ban: I was trying to connect and it said I was banned in a different time zone so I checked many times to see if I was unbanned yet, I don’t see how this counts as breaking a rule. 
Reason the ban should be removed: There was no ill intent or even rule broken so I don’t understand why this ban was added in the first place. I am sorry that the connection logs are like that but I didn’t know that was even a thing.

I didn’t even know that u can get banned from spamming connecting, now I’m too scared to press it now either. Hopefully the rules can be updated soon as if this is Bann able at least making it in the server rules it can helps avoid the problem altogether

you don’t need to attempt to connect over 100 times to check and see if your ban is up


For people worried about trying to connect while banned, this player made over 100 attempts to connect in less than 24 hrs, with almost 100 within a 2 minute span. This is wildly outside of the normal rate banned players attempt to connect at.

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