BoiledToast - Command roles ban appeal

Role(s): All Command Roles
Length of ban: Indefinite
Events leading to the ban: Most of the command staff in the round were admittedly misusing their power (emphasis on most because I hope not everyone was punished for my and other’s actions). Misusage included: calling the evac shuttle too early and improper use of the announcements. That round the captain was probably the worse case of role abuse but I will admit to doing wrong whereas I could have not joined in like the few other command staff. I will say that I only made one announcement as well as only calling the shuttle once, and after being told to stop by admins I stopped. It also might be worth mentioning that we did a vote to call the shuttle early as the initial joke and 90% of the crew voted yes, so it wasn’t like we were purposefully upsetting the whole station, though I’m sure it ruined a few people’s rounds and I apologize for that.
Reason the ban should be removed: I feel that an indefinite ban on all of my access to command roles was a bit harsh and I would gladly have taken a time out over never being able to play command again. At the time I felt that what we did spiced up the round a bit and it was fun having centcom upset with command and acting upon our insubordination (We had a cannon round shot into the bridge, killing all of the command staff in there at the time and when we were resuscitated by med we were later arrested by a deathsquad when the evac shuttle arrived at centcom, which resulted in a fight between the rebelling sec team and said deathsquad). Like I said before though, I understand this probably ruined other’s fun and I will definitely not being doing something like this again. 

Your rolebans will expire September 2nd 6:41 AM EST. Please take command positions a little more seriously next time. 

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