BrandonH - I never saw the ban message. However the admin said I was going to get banned for self-antag and griefing.

Username: BrandonH

Ban reason: I never saw the ban message. However the admin said I was going to get banned for self-antag and griefing. ( people died because medbay was low on chems )
Length of ban: I was not told the ban length
Ban Issue:
What I was banned for is not against the rules

Vote Opt-Out: false

Events leading to the ban

I am a chemist.
I made medicine for medbay but did not label any of them because I hate doing so.
The CMO comes into the chemistry lab and asks me to label the meds and I tell them I did not want to.
I also tell them that I threw away my labeler at the start of the shift.

They insist and give me another labler and tell me i have to label them because there are interns.
I tell them I do not want to and the interns can learn like I did, by trial and error.
They threaten to demote me because I did not want to label the medicine I made.
(They could had labeled them themselves)
I give in and label them anyways. But instead of doing it like it is normally done. I labeled them with phrases that coincide with what the chemicals are.

Dexa + “The oxygen”
Dermaline “Is it hot in here or is it just me?”
puncorine “They got holes in them”

CMO complains, but I did my job like they asked. The chemicals are labeled.
A little while later medbay is asking for dylo, so i made some dylo and brought it to medbay.
While labeling the dylo that I just made, a intern named Dante attacked me with a spear and almost put me into crit.

Their reasoning was that I was labeling the chemicals I just made, the chemicals medbay asked for.
I called sec and they did nothing about the guy that just tried to kill me giving medbay the chemicals they asked for.
(I AHelped dante for trying to murder me for labeling my own medicine)

A little while later medbay asks for phal, the cancer curing medicine i think.
While making the cancer drug that was asked for, a sec officer comes into chemistry and attacks me while I’m making the chems.
Their reasoning was that CMO requested me to be demoted.

After being demoted I went back to medbay and took most of the chemicals I had made.
I left anything I did not make myself.

I then went to hop and asked for the chemist role, but they game me medical intern instead.
I then went back to medbay and changed clothes to a medical doctor so I could start healing people.
While doing so security officer, the same one that attacked me in chemistry told me to go to sec.
They said I flushed the chems.
I told them I needed them to walk with me for protection since there were people trying to kill me.

I then walked with them to sec and spent five minutes walking around and talking about how 8 vending machines and two trash dispensers could fit into a single trash dispenser.

Before being put into a cell I asked the warden If i would be able to get back my medical scanner.
They said no. ( this will be important later )

While in sec, the captain got killed and the station went into red alert so they put me into a cell for five minutes.

After my timer was up there was no one in sec to release me so i left and went back to medbay to help with healing.

There were no chemicals because no one decided to make any after they demoted the only working chemist.

I decided to grab the chemicals I had made prior and take them back to medbay so I and other people can use them to heal the injured people.

Unfortunately I was not able to help much because I did not have a medical scanner and didn’t want to waste chems or hurt people more by injecting chems into people when I don’t even know why they are hurt.

The shuttle arrives and while trying to get into the shuttle medbay so i can get a medical scanner from the medical dispenser I was attacked by the same people who arrested me earlier.

Their reasoning for arresting me was that they forgot to unset me from wanted.

Reason the ban should be removed

The admin reasoning for banning me was that the people I was trying to heal and revive rotted.
They said it happened because medbay didn’t have any chemicals.

Medbay did have chemicals, because I brought them back when I saw that we needed more to heal people.
( You can watch the replay and see that there were chemicals all over the floor in medbay )
( You can also see me asking for a medical scanner so i can heal people)

If I as chemist, get demoted by CMO for something I should be allowed to do, refuse to label chemicals then me taking back the chemicals I made myself should be a reasonable response.

Basically, the admin banned me because people I wanted to heal and was trying to heal rotted.

I was not able to heal the people because the warden stripped me and did not give me my stuff back after my timer was up.

As far as I know they did nothing about the dante the person who tried to kill me for making the dylo medbay asked for.

Or the two sec officers who arrested on the shuttle while I was trying to heal people.

Or the one sec officer who beat me into crit for no other reason besides that they themselves( the sec offcer ) didn’t set me to release when my timer was up.

Alternate Accounts

After I brought the meds back to medbay.

I was the only medical staff actually trying to heal anymore.
Everyone else in medbay left, besides the CMO.

The CMO was there but as far as i could tell they were not healing anyone, they were walking in and out not doing anything for the people on the medical beds.

I asked them for a medical scanner so i can heal people and they just walked away.

It makes no sense to me that I was banned for people rotting when I was the only person actually trying to heal people.

If people died because they didn’t have the cancer healing drug. That is obviously not my fault because I was making it when I was attacked in chemistry.

Another odd thing that happened was that I got stuck between a wall and a syndicate bomb on the shuttle that appeared out of nowhere. ( no idea if it was real or not )

While I was stuck on top of a syndicate bomb, the sec decided to arrest me because they didn’t set me to released.

While they were beating me to death the bomb was just ticking outside.
So strange.

Medbay refusing to put people into body bags so they don’t rot to death should not be my fault either, especially when i am not there to do anything about it.

I am usually the one who always takes out the body bags and puts people into them to prevent rotting.

I would had done the same thing on the round I was banned but like my medical scanner, my id was taken so I could not get body bags to prevent people from rotting.