Breaching pods

I think they should add some new parts for shittles that make them able to clamp onto the outside of other grids, and perhaps detonate explosives to destroy the section of the hull they clamped, so we can make breaching pods for nukies and MAYBE the crew to use (with some drawbacks, maybe they have to be doing warops to get access to them).

I don’t know if the crew should even have access to this kind of stuff so I’m going to majorly focus on the way it’d work for nukies in my explanation.

You could have a special wall tile, call it “Magnetic clamp”, that would have an edge that could “stick” to the station, that you would use two of to mark out the edges of an area, it would work kind of like a docking airlock but ideally works on any wall, then either allow those magnetic clamps to function as breaching charges that kinda pop off the section marked out by the two clamps, or have a seperate block or item that, truth be told I’m unsure of. I suppose C4 would work but it seems a tiny bit tacked on, and a breaching pod would ideally cause minimal damage to the station itself (to prevent nukies using it as a weapon as opposed to a cool and versatile way to enter the station)

This explosion would destroy the walls marked out by the magnets, and knock back all the loose items in the room, but it wouldn’t cause significant damage to the interior of the room, and it wouldn’t even space the area, since the pod would be in the way of space. Then nukies would be able to jump in and start blasting.

There should probably be some kind of cooldown to clamp as well, maybe even make the clamping irreversible after the breach charges go off, or make the charges one use, to prevent people misusing it and cutting a bunch of holes in the station.

My vision is for nukies to have a really kewl but less subtle way to enter the station, and c’mon, BREACHING PODS ARE JUST COOOL!!

I’m not a maintainer by any means and balance is something I don’t know how to do, so if any of you do make this, feel free to use your own judgement. And please don’t make fun of me lol

ANOTHER THOUGHT!! You could do nanotrasen themed breaching pods for the deathsquad, which would make them even cooler and/or scarier. That will be all!

A grid clamp could be useful in general - for example if part of the station gets split off and needs to be rejoined.

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Added space-station-14