Bribes and Incentives

Non-antags may accept bribes, however self antagging rules still apply. Non-antags may not refuse to do their job unless bribed (extortion), but may allow bribes or other incentives to have some impact on how they do their job. The tolerance for what security and command may do in exchange for incentives or bribes is significantly lower. All non-antags are forbidden from aiding known antagonists, so no bribe or incentive can allow a non-antagonist to aid in an antagonist activity.


An engineer’s role is not to distribute materials to the station, so they may generally refuse to offer materials to crew who ask them for them. The engineer could, assuming it is not a significant detriment to the station, give someone materials in exchange for a bribe.

A department head’s role is to ensure a department is functional, but they are typically never required to hire someone. Assuming it would be reasonable to hire the person without a bribe, a department head could choose to not do so unless offered a bribe, especially if their department was not understaffed. In response, command would be justified in demoting the head for accepting or soliciting a bribe.

A security officer is not acting detrimentally to their role by providing extravagant food to a prisoner. A security officer could accept a bribe to provide special (safe) food to a prisoner.

One of the captain’s roles is to keep the disk secure. The captain cannot accept a bribe to leave the disk unsecured or give it to someone else.


This clarification is in no way intended to limit the ability of command or security to respond IC to bribes being accepted or solicited, including with demotions or brig times.