Brigmedic job should be added to the ID console similar to Visitor

Brigmedic is a very often requested unofficial job, and while there is much discussion needed on whether or not it should be readded officially, I see no reason why it should not be accessible for players who go through the trouble of getting the job. This would also help with recognition through the unique icon, allowing security members to instantly recognize their designated medic.

The current ID with icon:

If added, it should probably just have standard Security and Medical access as its preset.

My problem with brigmedic is that it is purely a powergamer role. What it should be doing is healing the prisoners brought in by sec. What it actually does is act like a sec officer with additional medical access or a combat medic.

I think this is a Non-Issue due to most Sec’s having a cubby for Medical Purposes. The Warden can treat Prisoners and Seccies or they can call a Doctor to come in to do so without leaving Sec.

Do not make them sec job but medical one, someone probably should still be field tending sec and prisoners. Just lawyer tier basic lawyer/custom access should be enough.

Added space-station-14

I mean, in practice though, the warden doesn’t always do that and can often just leave prisoners to rot. Like, brigmedic itself, a medic that helps out prisoners in the brig, isn’t a bad idea. It just attracts powergamers, which was why it was gotten rid of to begin with. I still see “brigmedics” who will like, decide they don’t want to revive prisoners and other nonsense and just run around like officers.

I think hybrid professions like this that spans two departments need a handbook that pretty strictly outlines what their behavior should be and should be held to a higher standard like command is. Like, I’m not opposed to the idea of them out of hand, but I think the lax, “Just give them a special symbol and let them have all the loot if they ask to have both medic and sec privileges” is the opposite of how I think the job should be taken. It should be a -very- official job.

I feel like this can be remedied by simply not giving them security gear. I may have been unclear in my initial post - when I say brigmedic, I literally mean “a medic with brig access” (like a lawyer) with the sole responsibility of tending to sec and prisoners.