Buccaneer - ERP

SS14 account: Buccaneer.

Character name: Smells-The-Roses.

Type of Ban: Game Ban.

Date of Ban and Duration: August 31st, 2022. Permanent.

Reason for Ban: “Suspected ERP and erotic dealings with another player. Reports from multiple players about an incident where clothes were removed and emotes suggested cuddling and more.”

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard

Your side of the story: I’m not going to deny the claim of ERP since its basically what happened, but it was nothing explicitly sexual, such as removing clothes like the ban reason states. I’m also unsure of which incident the ban is for, as I was banned shortly after simply emoting kiss to someone, and that alone, which I wouldn’t expect to catch a permaban for. Or if it was a different incident, which had happened maybe a couple days ago where another player and I had been in a room together and had done barely more than sit together and talk with some sparse emotes with no overtly sexual intent, at least on my behalf.

Why you think you should be unbanned: As stated before, I at least partially understand the ban, but I think a permaban for a first offence is a bit over the top, especially so when I wasn’t warned to stop or even had an admin contact me. I’m willing to at least take a temporary ban since I understand I was in the wrong, but I would enjoy returning.

Anything else we should know:

If you’re aware that what you’re doing was “basically” ERP and that action was justified, why would an admin need to contact you or warn you to stop? The blame isn’t on us for not telling you not to ERP; the blame is on you for ERPing to begin with, in my eyes. We take these kinds of offenses incredibly seriously considering that our server is not 18+, and given that you fully understood that it was against the rules, an appeal ban for you to explain yourself is the only reasonable option.

I’m simply reaching out and appealing because I enjoyed my time on the server, and was hoping to at least have a chance of returning to it and the friends I had made there. I understand I’m in the wrong here but I am just trying to limit the damage on my part, seeing as my ban is permanent.

I’m asking for even a bit of forgiveness and the prospect of returning sometime. I’ve definitely learned what not to do and if I am lucky enough to be unbanned, I would surely act accordingly, I know I won’t be so lucky as to be unbanned twice.

Seems to me from the context of your appeal that you already “learned what not to do” and were aware that you were pushing the boundaries to begin with.

Alright, while I’m aware I am posting on a ban appeal that does not belong to me, I would like to raise a few points in the defense of the banned persons, I feel as though I have been following this before it became a ban seeing as I have met, interacted and become acquaintances with both people in-game, that being Buccaneer and Raider1200.

As far as I’m aware neither party did anything worthy of a ban, as “cuddling and more” does not give much to work with however I can say with all certainty cuddling or Buccaneer’s mention of kissing should not warrant a ban of any regard, much less without warning. Most of this sounds like a basic in-character close relationship with one another, and I’m pretty sure that does not break any rules.

The wording of the ban message makes it seem as though these events were not witnessed by the banning admin, rather it was reported by several users, and the two got banned without being talked to for a suspected incident. Meaning this very well could have been false reports, I of course have not seen the logs and I could be easily proven otherwise.

“Incident where clothes were removed.” From my understanding neither party can recall said event as Buccaneer stated. “Nothing explicitly sexual, such as removing clothes.” And from a short conversation I had with Raider off-platform they mentioned they did nothing of the sort. I’d like to kindly ask that actual proof of these events be brought up.

This seems to be getting a lot of attention so I’m going to lock this appeal while we do a little bit more digging and come to a consensus internally.

So you clearly recognize that you went over the line here, as you stated in your appeal. As long as this doesn’t happen again, we’re willing to give you another chance. Raider will have to appeal separately.

Appeal accepted.

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