Can't log into the launcher or access the forums

EDIT: as soon as I posted this, connection with the forum and through the launcher came back to normal. Hahaha what the hell?

(Of course I am accessing the forums right now, but through a proxy)

The connection seems to be timing out whenever I start the launcher, or try to see the forums. It’s weird that I can access the front page normally, but not the forums. Or the wiki.

The weirdest thing is that, some days ago, Nyanotrasen also disappeared for me. It wouldn’t show up in the lobby, and I could only access the website through a proxy. I can’t even ping Nyano, while I can ping this website. That wasn’t such a loss, as I only ever drop by Nyano to ghost around, but now I can’t play the game at all.

This could be an issue with my ISP, or something like that. One time, totally disappeared for me and at least a few others in Brazil. We confirmed with the owner, the site was online, nothing had changed. It “came back” two weeks later, and we still don’t know what the heck happened.

Anyway, all of this is to ask: are you aware of anything going on on your end, or anyone having similar issues?

I know at least it’s not a country wide issue, as Estação Pirata is online with 9 players right now (as seen on

Announced heavily on the discord.

Auth servers were down at that time. Nothing could be done except wait for it to come back up.

Dang. Discord is eating up a bigger chunk of the open web than I previously thought. I looked for info on here, Twitter, Reddit, Mastodon, even Steam forums. Nada.

I’m glad it was just a temporary issue though!