Cant see the admins username in ban description sorry - Zealtic

SS14 account: Zealtic

Character name: Zealtic Atlas
When was the ban: About 6 to 7 hours ago
Your side of the story: I was jailed by an officer for being in sec and thrown in the trash can after waiting to get out of my cell after being beaten to near death so i was being stupid and got a gun and shot in the direction of hos.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I really enjoy the game and i know what I did was stupid. I wont do it again and im not saying i shouldnt have been banned i would just really like too play on the game again i dont think i should be perma banned tho.
Anything else we should know: Im sorry about ignoring the admin my pc was already off i was taking my girl out idk if that matters I was being dumb tho.
appeal, include it here.

I’ll accept this appeal. Don’t do dumb stuff again and be chill.

I’ll change the ban into a one day ban. 

I’ll note your username. Learn and move on. 

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