Carmelo- Command roleban- left at roundstart

Role(s): All of command
Length of ban: Permenant
Events leading to the ban:  Game was “deep fried”, graphics were shot, tons of lag, audio stretched. Decided to relog immediately due to k owing that this happened a lot. Upon attempting to relog server showed “offline” status
Reason the ban should be removed: I just assumed the server crashed. I thought about checking if it was a client side issue, but decided to go do something else  Turns out after scanning my drive 5 mins ago my SS14 is corrupted. I have repaired the files. 

(I would like to point out that I play the game a lot, so my bans which are a couple weeks apart are actually 50ish hours of GP apart. I understand I have had trouble with command in the past and will most likely be taking a break from those role)



Admin consensus is to lift this role ban. You may now play as command level roles either round start or through promotions, effective immediately. 

From Accepted to Ban Appeals

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