CE Players self-sabotaging stations

I’ve noticed an interesting behavior from chief engineer players lately. That is, intentionally destroying the Singularity Engine immediately at the start of every round. Last night I played under 3 different CE players. All 3 of them sabotaged the PA device IMMEDIATELY at round start. I questioned each of them about this behavior, and all three of them gave similar answers that all boiled down to, “Because it will just get sabotaged by traitors”. This at once feels like both metagaming and powergaming.

But as a wider issue, this also takes away a lot of fun from both engineers and traitors alike. Setting up the singularity is a group effort that takes awhile, involving communication, teamwork, construction, and every skill engineers should have. Right now the game has a big problem with jobs not being interesting enough, and I feel like CE’s sabotaging the singularity is severely contributing to that problem.

Department heads are generally able to make reasonable decisions about how their department is run. They’re also generally able to demote insubordinate subordinates. 


While not wanting to use the PA is acceptable, destroying the it round start because a traitor will sabotage it is a fairly clear violation of powergaming/metagaming rules.