Celery#4121 discord timeout

Discord account: celery#4121
Date of ban: 28/04/23
Events leading to the ban: I was talking to another user (Gerkada) in general about the internet and space in general being inappropriate for kids, after someone pointed out SS14 is 16+. The chat was moving very fast, and a moderator put a message in general saying “the next person to say kid is banned”, I didn’t see it and got timed out for 10 minutes. No worries, I came back later and  agreed with the other user who got timed out that the  moderators were being  assholes. We did not bring up the same conversation. The same admin  banned me again for  24 hours, and blocked me.
Reason the ban should be removed: I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to wait out the timeout, but the  moderator in question was acting very unprofessionally. It was a very fast moving chat, neither I nor Gerkada saw the one message saying next person gets banned and neither of us were  talking about bad things. I didn’t even know why I was initially banned until I messaged the admin and neither did the other user, and they took that as me “seething”. In the same chat, people who were talking about cum were not punished. I think the moderator in question should chill the hell out and ping or message people they feel are causing issues instead of going for gotcha banvalids.

P.S. looks like it got lowered to a 1 hour timeout but it was still handled in an unprofessional way. Attached is our DMs.


This timeout has already expired, so there is nothing to appeal, as such this will be closed. I encourage you to bring up whatever points you would like with Mirrorcult which I already assume you have done privately.

My personal opinion:

From a look at the context, nothing much more can be assumed that you either missed or willfully ignored moderator direction while they were trying to steer the general chat away from unfavorable topics. This resulted in a mute to forcibly prevent those from continuing the conversation from doing so which had the desired result. You were not the only one timed out, multiple other users got the same treatment.

It is then counter-productive to the call the moderators assholes immediately after your timeout expires and I think at this point you lost whatever credibility you had.

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