Changing my email

About one year ago, i decided to delete my email account because of constant data breaches and other stuff. I moved most of my important stuff to my main email but i forgot to move this accounts email. It would be a shame to loose the access to this account if some day i will have to authenticate something, as the email doesn’t exist anymore and i cannot make a new account here since that’s against the rules and i will loose my playtime.

Added space-station-14 and removed wizden-servers

Added wizden-servers

I don’t know if there’s any way that your accounts email can be updated without having access to your old email.

Wizard’s Den server do allow you to make a new account, but you have to contact game admins and let them know about your old and new account before using your new account to try to connect to the servers, though your playtime likely won’t be moved over. You can contact game admins using this wizard.

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