[Charizard] - [Accused of Metacomming]

Ban reason: “Metacommunication,Lied in Ahelp. Self-antagged via beating a chef into critical.”
Length of ban: “Ban will only be removed via appeal”
Events leading to the ban: I was assigned as a chef, I joined the game with my girlfriend and was following her and watching what she did. As soon as we arrived in the kitchen and I started looking around the other chef immediately yelled at us to leave, we both explained to him that I was a chef and he continued to yell at us both to leave and then locked us in a freezer. When he finally did let us out he started verbally harassing my girlfriend and I became agitated. We both tried explaining that she wanted to teach me what to do but he ignored and continued to be obstinate and he started pushing and pulling her around. I then saw my girlfriend start hitting him and I followed suit. Immediately the security came to arrest me and I got an admin message so I was focused on typing back to them. I asked why it was okay what the other chef did but it wasn’t okay for me to hit him. they told me next time to report it through admin chat which until then I didn’t know about (I’m new to the game). They then asked me to read the rules which after finding them I attempted to do so. Part way through me reading the rules they messaged me again and said I was metacomming. I had just read that section, and am 100% sure I was NOT metacomming as I’m in my house alone and not on any calls. The admin proceeded to insist that I was lying and asked me to retract my statement. I told them I don’t know what they want me to say, I had already told them I wasn’t metacomming and they then insisted that I was lying again. I thought it was over so I went back to playing and almost immediately after asking if anyone had seen where my girlfriend went I was verbally berated and told to leave. I told the other user that I didnt kow what I was doing without my girlfriend and then they hit me and told me I deserved it. I reported this in the admin chat and was told they were jsutified so I went about following a security person who was dragging someone to medical. I proceeded to try and figure out what to do when suddenly I was banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: I did not MetaComm, I did not lie to Ahelp, and after being explained the escalation issue I did not further hurt anyone else.

Just want to clarify some thing before processing, you mentioned your girlfriend, was this in the context of the game as in a roleplay or in real life?
If it was the latter, can you clarify, you both had arranged to join the game but were not speaking in a 3rd party communication tool, eg discord, phone call, etc, Just in game chat?

From Ban Appeals to Game Servers

Assuming you’re working on this. Feel free to unassign yourself if not

Real life girlfriend. She arranged for me to play with her and since it was against the rules to talk outside of the game all communication happened in the game. I mostly just followed her around and watched what she did as I am very very new to the game.