ChedChef - "ERP - (rest of the reason omitted by forum moderation)"

Username: ChedChef

Ban reason: "ERP (rest of the reason omitted by forum moderation) "
Length of ban: permenant
Ban Issue:
The ban is fair, but I would like a second chance or reduction

Vote Opt-Out: ``

Events leading to the ban

I was playing Cadet and it was a overall slow round for security so when i saw the CMO breaking open a window door in the bar so she could drag a piano inside the entertainment area i decided to mess with them by saying it was vandalism and taking their piano away as punishment. This resulted in me getting stunned, cuffed and dragged to the stage to be forced to listen to the horrible music so a jokingly said (omitted by forum moderation) but i was swiftly warned by the rest of the crew that with was inappropriate behavior and i shut my mouth. Fast-forward to the end of the round when i was in the middle of arguing with some tiders on why they weren’t allowed in the security section of the evac area i was hit with the ban no Bwoink or anything i just got hit with it at leasth a whole 30 minutes after it had happened

Reason the ban should be removed

I believe that i misread the rules and believed that Rule 1.4 only prohibited direct ERP actions and not simply joking about sexual topic. Now that i have read the rules more in-depth i believe that i am ready to return to the server

Alternate Accounts

ChedChef, The main account
Cheferson, Old account that i forgot the password to

Hello, your ban appeal has been partly rewritten to omit content that goes against forum rules. No other action will be taken. While we believe that the appeal still contains all necessary context, if you believe something should not have been omitted please let us know by sending a message to Moderators.

does it usual take this long for a decision to be made

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to reduce the ban from indefinite to 3 Days.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:

  • New player.
  • Benefit of the doubt.
  • Statements made are rather severe.
  • First offense.
  • Serious about not tolerating that language.

Appeal Accepted - Reduced ban ending on 2024-07-16T00:00:00Z.

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