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“Sending station announcement about femboy cum. no.”
Appeal ban
A little under 2 hours before said ban I was playing as secoff, I went to brig and became Captain’s bodyguard. While being bodyguard me and him messed with station announcement, eventually he told me to say something about femboys on announcements, so I followed suit. No admins messaged me until the ban.
I believe the ban should be removed for the main reasons of the admin did not contact me until 2 hours later, i would understand more if it was earlier, also the admin gave me no chance to talk and said “the ban is already filled, go to appeals.” I would’ve explained and I understand a ban, but one where I have to go to appeals, I am obviously in the wrong here, but I do not believe the ban should be this severe, because of the admin being unprofessional (saying yeet and not talking to me just banning me) and his reason for this severity being because I have been trouble, I was banned last week because I was a clown and I broke lights, there’s more to it, but it wasn’t that bad it was me being a new clown, as I am new to this game and have only played this server, I didn’t know of ss13 rampant ERP until this ban. Thank you for hearing me out, again I would understand a ban, but Not this long.


Since minors play on our servers we have a zero tolerance rule for sexual content, including direct or indirect mentions of sexual behavior or actions. Our policy requires that we place an appeal only ban for all violations of the rule, something which you would have known had you read the rules. Why, after multiple contacts from admins have you still not read the rules?

I have read the rules, but I did not read announcement I sent, it was just a copy pasta. I do understand the ban thought, but I do believe that it should be a little more light instead of a perma. I am sorry once again there is no excuse I truly just enjoy this server I was just about to unlock HOS and just got HOP. 


For the record the ahelp indicating you had sent that announcement had come in while no admins were online, I merely validated the claims in the ahelp and filed the appropriate ban. You just happened to also still be on the server.

oh I was not aware. So is there no way we can shorten this ban, I can assure you, if given access I will never do this again. I am deeply sorry


I’ve also changed I just read the rules again I am deeply sorry please take this case into consideration, I truly love playing ss14 and on this server, I will wait as long as I have to, but please no perma. Thank you!

11 hours ago, cheddarkf said:

I have read the rules

In the ahelp when asked if you read the part of the rules where it says “no sexual content including direct or indirect mentions of sexual behavior”, you responded with “i skimmed?”

We’ll discuss the ban internally, you’ll likely receive a decision within 2 days.

Thank you, I did just read the rules fully this morning as well.

The game admin team has decided to not accept this appeal. You can appeal again after at least 2 weeks. One of the concerns that led to this decision is that they were not convinced that you copy the announcement from somewhere and sent it without reading it. The announcement is pretty short and there is no part of it that isn’t problematic.

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