Cheesepizza2 / SussyBaka#1330

Byond account: Cheesepizza2

Discord account: SussyBaka#1330
Commonly used names: Cheesepizza2
Banning admin: old report doesn’t say, so idk
Ban reason: pinged a very common role on the server
When was the ban: 11/23/2021 at 10:00 pm
Your side of the story: from what i remember, i pinged a role that everyone had twice, apparently some admin told me not to (i honestly didn’t see it), then i got discord banned, i joined the server as an assistant then got gamebanned
Why you think you should be unbanned: it’s been a while, plus i wanna do some dev work i think
Anything else we should know: idk, obv i won’t do stuff like this again

Between this and your last appeal

you’ve never owned up to having done anything wrong, especially in light of this, which you never explained what it was besides “i guess if you think that it doesnt matter what i say here”:


Please elaborate on why we should unban you besides “i wanna do some dev”.

didn’t say it wasn’t wrong, i just thought it wasn’t that serious of an incident. obv now that i’ve thought about it ik that it wasn’t exactly your average 3-day ban material

Accepted, please be more careful in future.

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