Chef (and maybe bartender) thread

So, I think it’s a general agreement that chef is in a less than ideal state.
As a prelude before maybe trying to write something approaching a doc for service roles, I’d like to encourage folk to voice their precise problems with the role(s) and potential solutions.
(botany already has a separate thread)

I honestly dont mind the gameplay of it much currently, it feels like a slightly more RP heavy and interactive/free version of chem, however one thing I could see added is functionality to foods and drinks. it could be things like clown-centric novelties, unique powers for a certain time, increased stats and resistances, added accents, or having more general impacts on someone’s health


A whole lot of chef recipes right now are just “burger level of nutriment but different”.
Leading to even chef players minmaxing nutriment output instead of fun meal variety.

I myself am guitly of this becoming a burger mass producer and filling the entire delivery table with burgers because there is objectively no difference or incentive to make the harder to make meals.

Granted the push comes from both sides of chef.

  • Botany wants more space to make fun things/things for chemistry
    So we are incentivized into less meal variety and efficiency
  • Meal eaters are utterly indifferent to what meal they get so long as its edible.
    Meals having no actual input or affect on a persons round leads to both eating and drinking being more of a chore than an actual part of roleplay.

These reasons are why its hard to even sustain a bar/kitchen RP situation.
In the time it takes me to go through a “hey son whatcha orderin”, I get hit with that nutriment stare as they waffle down the first three meals they can get their hand on and leave.

Again alot of this is player-sided too, the desire to get up and get on with “anything else” than the chore of eating, rather than to sit down and socialize a bit.

I would rather not have people shackled down to the kitchen for a minute plus to “eat properly” or a “need to sit at the table” rimworld moment, but alot of people are just simply not interested in the lowest level of rp and just wanna play spessman.


Another problem chefs have is at they practically have no guides for the advanced food, when i mentioned this in the past and asked the chief mains how they keep up with the recipe updates they told me at they have to look over the code for find the recipies…


I remember the link for the ss14 cookbook being shared on the ss14 discord, it has advanced recipes aswell. SS14 Cookbook

That’s a good tool, but ideally it should be obsoleted by actual game features.

I did want to look into rebalancing the nutritional values of food to make more sense, but newmed is also apparently going to change how food metabolism works too, plus the feature freeze.

A bunch of food items don’t really make too much sense in the values they offer and a lot of tjme generate nutritional value out of nothing.

The bartender is kind of it’s own seperate issue but i suggested on the discord to allow them to take certain station items and brew them up into something else (usually fruits) ala the way dwarf fortress handles plant based drinks.

While I am a chef, an issue I usually have is a lack of prep space. There is nowhere for ingredients or finished food to go except blindly stacked. I get stuff from Bot? It goes in a pile. And then a mouse comes in and destroys all my prep. Some vending machine like fridges could really help, even if they can’t hold finished food products.

SS13 on some servers have moods, and good meal variety usually contributes to a good mood, resulting in decent movement speed. Maybe something to consider.