Chief_Engineer - apocalypse: Warned for a thing I didn't do

Not really a complaint just very confused on what I did chief engineer? I have never posted on rule clarification and didn’t complain or state any opinion on the rule?Screenshot20231231122504Chrome.jpg

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been trying to find someone else to handle this since it’s in the staff complaints section and I shouldn’t handle a complaint about me, but I haven’t been able to so far.

The warning uses a template message that says “in ban appeals or on rule clarification questions”. In this case, the warning was for a post you made on this ban appeal

You posted “Appeal only ban just for misgendering is crazy” which is generally considered peanut posting as it doesn’t include any new information other than your opinion on if the ban was appropriate. Typically, personal opinions on ban appeals are considered peanut posting. Here is the relevant text from the top of the ban appeals section, which explains peanut posting in ban appeals a bit better than the warning text does:


Do not peanut-post in ban appeals. Comments irrelevant to the consideration of appeals should not be made on other people’s appeals. Personal opinions on if the ban will or should be accepted are considered peanut posting. Sharing your perspective of what happened in a situation where someone was banned is not peanut posting. You can privately share information about a ban or player with the admin team by using the Admin Message section.

In your post, you said that this isn’t really a complaint. If you just wanted information and are fine with this being moved to the admin message section and being archived, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll leave this complaint open and keep trying to find someone to process it


Moving forward this is assuming this is made as an actual complaint.
It has been chosen to reject this complaint. Generally due to the actions taken being justified under the forum rules.

Breaking it down further;
1- On December 16th, 2023 you made the following post which started the issue:
2- Your message was on a ban appeal which was not yours.
3- Your message was the following: “Appeal only ban just for misgendering is crazy”
4- The forum rules are as follows: “Comments irrelevant to the consideration of appeals should not be made on other people’s appeals. Personal opinions on if the ban will or should be accepted are considered peanut posting.”
5- Your original message can be and was seen as purely subjective personal opinion and not relevant to the appeal itself.
6- Chief_Engineer hid the message and issued a warning on this basis.
7- Upon review Chief_Engineer’s actions were seen as properly enforcing the forum rules.

No actions will result from this.