Chilly, but euphoric gas/fumes with rainbow hues? What are they?

(Sorry if im telling unneeded information and repeating myself, you can skip to the TLDR)

So I was playing Goob station, Core station, living in maints as the librarian, because I was bored. When I see a rainbow hue in the South west of the chuch/altar in maints. I went to investigate and saw that the hue was also in space, but not in maints.

So I radio asking what the rainbow fumes are - no answer, praying for answers at the altar with offerings also didnt work, so i shrugged it off.

Then I come back later to the church room and it’s full of gas so I run away out of maints, when I come back to take escape pods I turn on internals to make it to pods, but I get messages such as ‘‘it feels chilly, but euphoric’’ (paraphrasing here) and ‘‘your lungs feel cold’’.

Then while im sitting in the escape pod and waiting for evac to launch, I get visual effects as if im drunk and my speech isnt coherent either, the escape pod didnt seem to have the fumes. When it launched the rainbow hues were in space and I was still acting as if drunk.

What is that? I couldnt find any information in OOC or the internet/wikis.

TLDR: I see rainbow hues in space and the church/altar on core station. I come back theres gas in the church/altar area. I go to the escape pods and the gas causes me to act drunk and have messages such as ‘‘it feels chilly, but euphoric’’ and ‘‘your lungs feel cold’’. The rainbow hues are in space. What is this?

It’s frezon

Both of these reactions are from Frezon, an atmospheric gas that holds heat/cold VERY well.

Not certain about it appearing in space, that might be a goob exclusive thing.
The rainbow effect likely came from something seperate, either spacedrugs (a reagent that causes the wavey effect) or nitrous oxide (a biproduct of frezon and nitrogen in the same atmosphere) which is the most likely reason.

Thank you!

Thank you.

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