Chudjak - calling someone a child molester

SS14 account username: Chudjak
Ban reason: “Making mention to sexual acts beformed on children in IC chat, which falls under ERP”
Date of ban: Last week sometime, I don’t recall the exact date.
Length of ban: Forever - Ban appeal only
Events leading to the ban: I was attempting to enter security and I thought I could use a ploy/con to trick security into letting me someone within the cells, of course this was a stupid idea but I thought it would have been good roleplay to trick security into letting me into their base and freeing the person arrested.  
Reason the ban should be removed: I believe I should be unbanned because I was told by another mod to be let off with a warning and that I wouldn’t do this again knowing the consequences and the rules surrounding ERP. I feel that had I originally been left off with a warning, it would have a been a better outcome than immediately banning me.  

This account is not banned and has never connected to Wizard’s Den servers. Are you sure this ban is for Wizard’s Den?

As per our ban evasion policy, you must wait at least six months from last evasion attempt. You may appeal on August 09, 2023.

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